Letter Examples to Personalize and Send

Ideas of people to write:

1. Your legislator (at the state level). Tell them that pulse ox was recommended nationally to the newborn panel.

2. Your Department of Health and the Newborn Screening department there. Ask if they plan on implementing in light of the federal recommendation.

3. Policy groups like the March of Dimes and American Heart Association chapters in your state to ask how they might help.

4. The media. Write a letter to an editor or pitch a reporter.

5. Friends and family to get them involved in this fight as well.

-Letter writing is a key tool in an advocate’s toolbox.

-Sample Letter Asking Your Lawmaker to Introduce a Pulse Oximetry Bill in Your State

-Sample Letter to Hospital Administration Asking for That Hospital to Implement Pulse Ox

-Letter for People in States with Current Bills to Write in Support

-Sample Letter Asking Secretary Sebelius to Recommend Pulse Ox

Remember that others will probably become immune to your pleas for help writing letters, so be strategic about when you seek help through your social networks and from friends and family.

For the first round–writing your state lawmakers–the lead advocate (or advocates) should write the representative, and end by setting a time that you’ll contact the representative. Aim for a face-to-face meeting with the lawmaker. You can also ask professionals or people with a strong direct link to write the lawmakers, supporting your mission to introduce a bill.

Once your bill is introduced, several rounds of consideration will take place at the Statehouse. Work with your representative to see when and if letters are needed politically. For example, if your representative is confident the bill will move through committee, ask only those most dedicated to your mission to write to committee members.  But, if the lawmakers worries about the bill getting passed by one chamber at large, push everyone to write a letter.

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