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Below are a variety of links and articles that have appeared in print and digital media (list not exhaustive).

CNN: Going Red for Babies

New State Law Requires Heart Screening for Newborns

First In the Nation New Jersey Newborn Heart Defect Screening Law Already Saving Lives

HHS Joins Call for Heart Defect Screening

LA Times: Congenital Heart Disease Screening Recommended for Newborns

Wall Street Journal: Screening Newborns for Congenital Heart Disease

Huffington Post: Pulse Oximetry: Heart Test Could Save Lives, Study Finds

Toronto Star: Heart Test Could Save Babies, Study Says

Doctors Call for Standard Screening of Newborn’s Hearts (Video)

BBC: Baby Heart Defect Test Could Save Lives

The Stir: Mom Shares Story of Loss of Her Newborn in Hopes It Could Save Yours

USA Today: States Consider Screening Newborns for Heart Defect

New Law Gets High Marks From Local Cardiologist

N.J. becomes first in nation to screen newborns for heart disease

New Jersey Legislators Propose Blood Oxygen Test for Every Newborn

East Texas baby lives through congenital heart disease, thanks to ETMC

Annamarie Saarinen: Fighting to save babies lives

Chloe’s Law Has First Hearing at the Capitol

NJ Could be First State to Mandate Congenital Heart Disease Testing for Newborns

Newton mother advocates blood oxygen testing for babies

Newborn Test Law Stalls at Capitol

Support Pulse Oximetry Screening: Congenital Heart Defect Awareness

Waltz: Infant heart screening bill stalls as House standoff continues

Sen. Waltz: Senate lawmakers approve bill requiring heart screenings for infants at birth

Measure to Protect Baby Hearts in Front of Indiana House