In Your State

Currently, efforts are under way in most states. Some states are just starting and garnering support for the cause while others have screening laws.

Each state links to a Facebook page, if there is one. After the state, if there’s a bill, that’s notated. After each state, contacts for efforts are listed. If you’d like to get involved, reach out directly to the advocate, even if your state has several names listed. More advocates are always needed and welcome in every state.

As of 2013, the American Heart Association has made pulse oximetry screening a top advocacy priority. To see where the action is in your state, consider contacting your local AHA chapter.  The March of Dimes has also made this a state-level priority, also consider contacting your local chapter. 

Also check the CCHD Screening Map for efforts in each state, including hospitals currently screening:

If you’d like to be put into contact with other parental and family advocates in your state, please use our contact form.