Pulse Oximetry Advocacy is a collaborative effort of seasoned pulse ox activists providing helpful resources, research and support for advocates across the United States. Resources were developed by several key groups including legislators, clinicians and parents.

The materials here are a group effort, developed, researched or discovered by contributors across the congenital heart defect and patient advocate communities. Specifically, parent advocates that worked to introduce bills in states such as Indiana and New Jersey share what worked and didn’t work in those states.

None of the information listed should be construed as medical advice. Please speak to your physician about pulse oximetry screening.

This site is intended for people interested in working to introduce pulse oximetry screening by working with state policy makers including lawmakers, hospital administration and other groups.

Pulseoxadvocacy.com was designed and developed by Kristine Brite McCormick. Materials were written by McCormick and Rachel Goldberg.

Kristine is mom to Cora, who died at five days old of an undetected congenital heart disease in December 2009. She transformed her grief to good and has worked with pregnant and new moms to educated them about pulse oximetry screening and congenital heart defects. She successfully lobbied to introduce pulse ox screening into the Indiana Code. Starting January 2012, every Indiana newborn will be screened for heart defects.